Apps for Cheaters

Apps for Cheaters

there are plenty of Apps to help people who cheat to hide, but since I don´t agree on cheating and I am a firm believer in fidelity I will mention here an App to Bust Cheaters.

Apps for cheaters I believe shouldn´t even exist.

Apps for cheaters are like viruses for computers they should not exist, but since they do I will mention Swipebuster which is an App to catch cheatrs who use Tinder to find people to cheat on you with.

How this App Anti-Cheaters work.

You need to open an account at Swipebuster and then pay a few dollars, once your payment is processed then you specify the person´s name, age and location and they will do the difficult work for You, they will scan thousands of records in Tinder´s database and check if that person you are looking for has a Tinder profile. You will be notified of the results.

Apps for cheaters not have a counter-app

Apps for cheaters will not cease to exist since its humen nature to cheat and lie, but for many of us that is simply not an option in a relationship. If you want to be sure of your the love the person you are with then I believe you should use all the technological tools we now have at our reach to really know where you stand.

Swipe Buster is a good service and after I tested it with 3 different names *for testing purposes only, I searched for friends… I found out that it really works, 2 of them I knew had Tinder profiles and one didnt so in the cases where they had a Tinder profile it found both profiles, I think this app works great. Use it or dont at our own risk.